The G Force

G Force clip from PAMELA SHERROD ANDERSON on Vimeo.

When parents are unable to parent, an increasing number of grandparents are raising their children’s children. In the last few decades, this trend has escalated from grandparents providing only babysitting and chauffeuring duties to meeting their grandchildren’s primary needs. Through the lives of two grandparent-headed households and a grandparent support group, these women and men show what it means to step up and be in The G Force.


This hour-long documentary is an intimate look at three grandparent stories filmed over three years in part verite and interviews with the grandparents, their grandchildren and social workers. Changes take place academically and personally for the children, and socially and economically for the grandparents. The grandparents help their grandchildren navigate these challenges while juggling changes in their lives. Older grandparents, more than their younger counterparts, are aware of life’s ticking clock. It is a different biological clock for them. In this character-driven story, we see what is at stake for two-grandparent-headed households and the grandparent support group that writes out what they hope to make right in their lives.


Running Time: 58 minutes